Firstly a little bit about me. I am a born and bred Aucklander who has worked in the recruitment industry for the past three years. I am your typical Kiwi, completed University (Bachelor of Business), worked for two and a half years before flying the nest and moving to London.

I hit a point that I was ready to leave little old New Zealand and spread my wings, or more travel Europe. Ideally I was going to find a job that furthered my career, let me meet people, had the flexibility to travel and of course paid enough for me to live in London. I left knowing a total of three people, two ladies who I had spent three weeks traveling with six months earlier and one lady I went to high school with. To say I was panicking, would be an understatement.

Tyler Wren and Kiwi Careers have really thought about this situation. Not only are our Kiwi returners and immigrants given support throughout the recruitment and visa process, they are also given information about the city they are moving to and are assigned a ‘Koach’. There are over 120 ‘Koaches’ who are from a wide range of backgrounds, across both the Public and Private Sectors. Your ‘Koach’ will be in touch before you make the move, help you set up in a good location and introduce you to their network and social circles. They will be in your corner and support you the whole way.

In my opinion; once you make the decision to move countries or even cities, you have actually done the hardest part. Yes, finding a job and creating a network is scary and hard work, but it is doable. Some of my best friends and memories are from my London life, however it took time to build these and create a comfortable environment. I would have loved to have had someone to talk to, a job lined up and knowledge on what I was getting myself into;  before I left home.

If you are a Legal or Construction Professional looking at making the move I highly recommend you get in touch with either the Kiwi Careers team in the U.K or with Tyler Wren in Auckland.

Trust me; moving overseas, to a new city or even putting yourself out of your comfort zone with a new job, will be the best thing you ever do. To do it with someone’s backing, makes it less stressful and more enjoyable.

The move home; in my opinion; is harder than going overseas – but that is for another day!