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Reasons to LIVE in New Zealand – FACTS:

  • Awarded the World’s 5th Best Holiday Destination by Lonely Planet in 2018.
  • Crime rates are a minimum 90% lower per 100,000 than those in UK, US and South Africa.
  • There are 4 million people in a space approximately the same size as the UK (UK Population 64 million).
  • New Zealand’s education system has been classed as the 8th strongest in the world by OECD.
  • Has a worldwide top 40 ranking university.
  • Is in the top 10 for healthcare worldwide.
  • Pay scales are “on par with those in UK” (outside of London).
  • It’s just full of bloody good people and great work opportunities!

Working in New Zealand – FACTS

  • Employment is forecast to increase by about 152,000 over the next three years, according to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s latest Short-term Employment Forecasts: 2017-20 report.
  • The unemployment rate is expected to decline, falling to 5.2 per cent in March quarter 2017. In March quarter 2018, the rate is expected to rise slightly to 5.3 per cent when employment growth could slow.
  • Demand for skilled workers is forecast to increase by about 19,000, and employment for lower skilled workers will increase by around 40,000 by 2020. Construction and services sectors will continue to boost employment, adding nearly 56,000 workers over the next 2-3 years.

For more information review this article.


Moving To New Zealand – Auckland 

Located in the upper North Island, Auckland is home to over 1.4 million people, representing a third of New Zealand’s total population.

A coastal city, set amidst beautiful harbours, Auckland is a perfect blend of sophisticated city living and outdoor beauty that makes it one of the most desirable destinations in the world. Live where you choose: close to one of the beautiful north shore or eastern beaches, in the west near native bush, or in the city itself.

Auckland is diverse: contemporary lifestyle, cultural heritage, sporting achievements, economic vibrancy and colourful multi-cultural uniqueness, set in a pristine marine-based environment.

There is always something going on in Auckland and many events are free: from the Summer Music in the Parks to The Chinese Lantern Festivals. Events are advertised on Heart of the City/Events and Eventfinda. As well as free events, Mount Smart Stadium and Vector Arena both host an array of concerts during the year;most recently Adele, Pink and Ed Sheeran visited and sold out all of their gigs.

Auckland is very proud of its heritage, as well as its modern approach to its more recent sons and daughters.

Some of the many benefits of making Auckland home

  • Close proximity to beaches, wilderness, ski fields, volcanoes, countryside, islands and mountains.
  • Harbours that are among the best marine playgrounds in the world.
  • Home to numerous galleries and museums.
  • Cultural events on a regular basis.
  • A relatively cheap cost of living when compared with other big cities worldwide.
  • Robust public transport network which is undergoing major improvements.

Auckland is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. Many immigrants have settled here for work and Auckland University, the largest in New Zealand, is very popular with overseas students.

Nationalities that have made Aucklad their new home include Asian, Kiwi, Australian, English, European, to name but a few, and Auckland is also very popular with South African migrants. Sometimes you can be in a restaurant and hear at least six different languages spoken. Auckland is a calm city; crime rates are very low and people from all walks of life congregate, so making friends is easy. There are many social clubs and groups to join. Meetup is a great site to use as it caters for a wide range of interest groups.


Auckland, on the whole, has a moderate climate with four distinct seasons. In winter, it rarely freezes, but it does get cold with frequent rainfall. Summer tends to be beautiful and kicks in from January through to April. Spring and autumn tend to have lovely sunny crisp days – great for hiking and outdoor sports.

*Also note 1-2 hours south of Auckland is the fastest growing part of NZ. Families are moving there for lower house prices, more space and to escape the hustle and bustle of Auckland. We have seen businesses relocate there due to cheaper labour and building rates as well as easier access and less traffic to rest of the island. 

Average Price For a 3-bedroom Semi-Detached House:  $700,000 – $1million.
Average House Rental For a 3-bedroom Semi-Detached House: $600 per week
Average Salary Range: $80,000 – $150,000 


Moving To New Zealand – Wellington 

Deutsche Bank named Wellington the city with the best quality of life in 2018, beating 50 global cities to the top spot. Pollution, traffic and commute, property price to income ratios and purchasing power were considered to determine the rankings. Known as the windy city, Wellington sits on the Cook Strait, near the North Island’s southernmost point. As New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington has just under 500,000 residents and is often referred to as the cultural heart of New Zealand. The Wellington region is home to many diverse cultures, with Statistics New Zealand estimating around 25% of the people in Wellington are born overseas. Its rich cultural scene makes it as exciting for singles as it is welcoming for families.

A compact city, it encompasses a waterfront promenade, sandy beaches, a working harbour and colourful timber houses on surrounding hills. From Lambton Quay, the iconic red Wellington Cable Car heads to the Wellington Botanic Gardens.

Many of the bays and beaches are part of their own little neighbourhoods, like Scorching Bay in Miramar, Lyall Bay where the surfers head, and Oriental Bay which is right in the city with a proper beach.

As well as boasting two universities, The Beehive (parliament building), Te Papa Museum of new Zealand and constant exhibitions and shows, Wellington has a fantastic coffee and brunch scene. The whole Wellington vibe is welcoming. For a great coffee, check out Floriditas, or Sweet Mother’s Kitchen for some home-style cookin’.

Some of the many benefits of making Wellington home

  • Quick and easy access to the South Island for holidays.
  • Beautiful, contrasting scenery from bays to mountains.
  • Considerably cheaper house prices and rentals when compared to Auckland.
  • Strong, modern, cultural vibe.

Wellington has an informal, arty, relaxed, proud vibe going on. People love the fact they are made to feel included and welcomed. Don’t be surprised to end up in a 40-minute conversation about the weather whilst standing in a queue or drinking coffee. Wellington feels safe and warm.

As it is quite a small city, you will quickly build a friendship network and realise that everyone knows everyone. Wellington has a wonderful cosmopolitan scene promoting arts and culture.


The Wellington region has a mild, temperate marine climate. The wind, however, can make it feel colder than it actually is. The best weather in Wellington is from October to April, when average temperatures are between 17°C and 21°C. Winter in Wellington is quite short and never extreme, and there are the occasional frosts.

Average Price For a 3-Bedroom Semi-Detached House: $600,000 – $800,000
Average Rental For a 3-Bedroom Semi-Detached House: $500 per week
Average Salary Range: $70,000 – $130,000 

Moving To New Zealand – Christchurch

Christchurch is city with around 350,000 residents and a very English heritage feel to it. Having an international airport, it is also the gateway to the South Island. The South Island is known for its amazing mountains, scenery and extreme sports, such as, skiing, mountain climbing, and its sheer ruggedness.

Christchurch city is going through rebuild and transformation following the 2010 earthquake. It is anexciting place to be with new shops, restaurants, museums and bars popping up all the time. Due to its beautiful green spaces, parks and forests, Christchurch is also known as the garden city. It feels very clean and spacious, and it has a very strong community backbone.

Lyttelton is a great place to visit. It has stunning scenery and is steeped in both Maori and European history.

Akaroa boasts a spectacular coastline sculptured from volcanic eruptions. Finally, Orana is a great day out and New Zealand’s only open range wildlife park.

Want a bit more sightseeing? Jump into a mobile home for a 2-week adventure from Christchurch and experience part of what the South Island really has to offer.

Some of the many benefits of making Christchurch home

  • Best value housing: both for rental and sale with plenty of new builds available.
  • Gateway to the South Island – literally on your doorstep.
  • Strong English community feel.

Following the 2010 earthquake, Christchurch has gone through a tough time. It is still partially in rebuild mode. This has created a tight-knit, quietly determined community of people who greatly value each other and their wider families.

There has been a huge influx of immigrants, mainly European, to Christchurch to work on the rebuild. This has stimulated the economy and provided a knock-on effect for the rest of the workforce.

Christchurch folk are down-to-earth, practical and sporty. Cantabrians enjoy a wide and varied social calendar


Christchurch has one of the more extreme climates of all our New Zealand cities. Summers are stunning – hot and fresh – whereas winters can see temperatures at -3. Winters are short though, and still sunny with a crisp feel to them.

Average House Price For a 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached House: $550,000 – $750,000
Average House Rental For a 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached House: Approx $350 per week
Average Salary Range: $70,000 – $120,000 


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