New Zealand’s new Prime Minister – Jacinda Ardern and her Cabinet have commenced their new roles and the main question for Kiwi Careers and Kiwi Relocators is:


As a business these are our initial thoughts and opinions:

There is still a massive skills shortage in New Zealand for the skills that Kiwi Careers recruits for and this will continue to grow.

  • As an example, Labour’s new policy to build 100,000 houses per year and an announcement has already been made to make continued improvement and invest in Rail & Road. 

The numbers being discussed are net migration – a large proportion of qualified individuals leave the country every year to work abroad.  

  • There will be no changes for approximately 4 months until policy has been agreed and delivered with new process rolled out to Immigration and Licensed Immigration Advisors across New Zealand.

The economy cannot continue to grow without continued recruitment of established gaps in the professional and qualified sectors. 

  • In our opinion the cuts will be focussed on individuals and their families who are not “adding value” to the Country – these tend to be in low paid, non-qualified roles that do not benefit the wider community or those individuals who are not working after study.

Professional, qualified candidates make up a small proportion of those immigrating to NZ.

  • As of today, Kiwi Careers is recruiting for over 100 JOBS that will accept overseas candidates due to demand in skills shortage areas.